Sarang had a bumper crop of chilies in August. The big green ones have a special pungent flavour to it and are fantastic in chutneys! The small ones, ‘Kanthari Mulaku’ yield year round and are great with Tapioca. And then there are the white hot ones!
This year, Sarang celebrated Onam with naturally grown fresh vegetables. This farming season was a busy one, preparing the land, sowing, harvesting and selling the excess produce at times. Only a small plot has been utilized for cultivation this year as the emphasis has been on seed production. For almost 5 years there have been minimal farming activities at Sarang and the seed bank has to be replenished.
The diversity of crops in this plot is amazing, grains; rice, wheat and maize, tubers, various gourds and vegetables, different leafy vegetables, spices and herbs like ginger, turmeric, coriander, garlic, onions, at least 6 varieties of plantains, pineapple and assorted greens! Just goes to show what one can do in our own backyards and terraces towards growing safe and healthy food.