We are a lean team!

Currently, there are only 7 of us at Sarang Campus. Some of us are engaged in revenue-generating activities outside Sarang. Whatever spare time left is utilised for agriculture, beautification, etc.

Naturally, the progress is very slow.   Skilled people in mud, bamboo and wood are expensive and we don’t get experts from local anymore.  Even if we get people from outside, there is no place for them to stay. So until we reach a position where we have space for ourselves and people from outside, things will move very slow. We can only hope you to understand the situation.

Currently, there is nothing to ‘see‘.

After learning about Sarang from our social media channels, media, or friends, many want to visit the campus. What the media usually don’t convey is that Sarang had to shut down the activities on the hilltop due to a financial crunch 20 years ago and the team has been trying to pay off all the debts and revive the campus from scratch. All the infrastructure made of natural material went back to nature leaving the second generation an almost clean canvas to restart. Today the second generation is working on getting the infrastructure back up.

There is no school, no significant activities, and not even enough infrastructure here. For the last few years, we have been discouraging visitors to avoid their disappointment after seeing Sarang in this unfinished condition. Honestly, we don’t think we are ready for visitors yet.  However, the number of requests we get compels us to open the campus for those who are too keen to visit. There are no facilities for your stay here now.

We are keeping two days aside every month

We are currently in the process of establishing basic infrastructure in the hills. Hence, we are restricting visitors at this time. However, if you are interested, we are allowing visits on two designated days per month (whenever possible). You can interact with us and take a tour around the campus to witness the ongoing regeneration activities. Please note that the school is not operational at the moment, so we kindly request that you wait until we are fully prepared before visiting for educational purposes. If you plan to visit during the designated days, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

The visiting hours are between 11 AM to 3 PM. Please note that the campus tour is subject to weather conditions. If it is too sunny or too rainy, the tour may not be available. Additionally, there is a visiting fee which will be communicated to you when you get in touch with us.

Call Unniyarcha Sarang 8281707420 for more details

Visitors’ registration form.