We are collaborating with some of our architect friends in creating a master plan. An aerial survey has been done to create a map of the campus for the master plan. Flora and fauna survey is underway.  In 2018-19 we are concentrating on infrastructure and revamping the farm. Life at Sarang won’t be as romantic as they write on the media. And we take in only highly skilled volunteers in certain areas.

Read on and see whether you will be useful on the hills. Otherwise, please get in touch with us. There are ways to help us from wherever you are.

Currently, the following are the priority areas where we need help:

  • Construction – mostly with bamboo, mud and wood. Knowledge in power tools, welding etc will be helpful.
  • Document the flora and fauna
  • Farming
  • Kitchen and cleaning.

Eating, Sleeping, Bathing and other things

Food is rice based and home-cooked. Food will be very simple and basic since currently, we have a very few crops growing in the farm.  Occasionally we have eggs or fish in the menu. If you need to snack in between, keep yourself stocked from the small town 7 kilometers away. Please take care to take a cloth shopping bag with you and also collect all plastic bags/wrappers to take back when you leave.

Potable water is from a rainwater harvesting tank and also a local drinking water scheme. Boiled and cooled water will be available for drinking. We have faced many droughts. We request you to use water wisely.

We have three tents available for volunteers. 2-3 people can sleep inside each tent.  There are no beddings or cot. We can provide mats/thin mattress. However, a sleeping bag / bed sheet is a must. We use mud pit toilets which are a way of enriching the soil.   We are working on a compost toilet.

Electricity and Internet

The main house is powered with a Solar Electric System which takes care of all energy needs. Most mobile networks are available except airtel, so you can stay connected. There is a 3G spot from where we work on the internet. If you have an Indian Vodafone phone number you can use it for internet. Otherwise internet facility, if needed, will have to be availed from the nearest town Goolikkadavu about 7 Kilometers away.


INR 200/day for accommodation and INR 150/head/day for food from volunteers. Hope we will be able to offer food and accommodation in exchange of working in the campus in future.

Essentials for a happy living at Sarang

  • Ability to communicate in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi or English.
  • A broad mind to understand and respect our customs, manners and practices.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs while you are with us. We have a very strict policy regarding this.
  • Loose-fitting cotton clothes which cover your body adequately are appropriate for our climate and culture.
  • Since we use a minimum of furniture, enjoy sitting cross-legged on the floor and sleeping on mattresses or sleeping bags.

Write to us at abhilashanand10@gmail.com before making plans.