(September 5, 2013)

Last year Gautham started a web development training course for the youth from a village. LXI Technologies, Pathiripala agreed to provide all the facilities free of charge. The students were selected from a parallel college nearby. All of them were BCom students and didn’t have much of an IT background.

Gautham guided them through the complexities of ‘WordPress’, an open source CMS. The training was during the weekends and holidays. It took about six months to cover the syllabus. The institution allowed the students to use the IT lab during mornings and evenings so as to fine tune their skills.

On September 5th 2013 the students launched their first website, pathiripala.org The students are behind everything including the design, development, content compilation and little bit of scripting. The site is far from complete since a lot of information is still being filled in. With their hard work, we are sure that it will become a success soon. The site recorded more than 600 clicks on the first day. We are positive that it will attract more visitors in the coming days.

Gautham with his students and a staff from LXI Technologies.

Gautham with his students and a staff from LXI Technologies.

This is a proud moment for Sarang too. We always knew that rural brains are nothing less than excellent. With proper guidance, we can make a difference! Now we are waiting to see whether and how they are going to make the web site more useful to the public.