C Sharatchandran, documentary film maker died in a tragic accident yesterday night. He was returning from a marriage function with his friend Sebastian, who also succumbed to injuries.

One of his kind – That was Sharattettan! Passion for film-making combined with social causes, his voice was always one with the down-trodden.

Blessing Us with His Vision

Blessing Us with His View

In theatre, many a times a Sootradharan or Narrator carries forward the thread of the story. He may not be part of the story but  his narration would have the power to bring about radical changes in it. C Sharatchandran was one such voice threading through the socio-political scene of Kerala.

Personally, you have been a Karanavar in our extended family. You have been an integral part of our lives. Both our childhoods, Gautham’s and mine, have been linked to you. We both share memories of ‘Kunjunni Maashum Kuttiyolum’. You were there at our marriage recording it for posterity.

Our little one misses out on knowing you. Maybe baby has already met you in that narrow zone between birth and death.

Last time we met, on another train journey, you talked about Chengara, Kanavu, future projects, and how you would one day soon come up to Sarang…

Your life was not yours, it was ours, the society’s. You leave behind many unfinished histories, a voice as powerful as yours is still needed.

Tears of anguish flow down my cheeks seeking some solace in the inevitability of death. But I remain angry and in pain…

Anuradha Sarang