Sarang Hills

DSC02680The main Sarang campus is at 800 meters above sea level on a hill top. Its approachable by a trail walked by the people who have been living here for ages. There is a road usable by four wheel drive vehicles. We use it mainly for transport of goods. All our experiments happened here. The regenerated forest, Bamboo checkdams, percolation pits, wild orchid and the farm are here. We ran a school on this hill top once. Gautham, Anuradha and their two children have moved back to the campus in June 2013. Now they are trying to re-build everything and make this campus active by the time everyone else in the satellite campus returns.

The region is called Attappady, the second plateau in Kerala, leaning towards east. Its in Palakkad district.  Since its a rain shadow area, droughts occur often. Once a forest denser than Silent Valley National Park, deforestation turned the landscape barren.

We hope to update this page as we progress in re-building the campus.