Finally we took the plunge! In March 2010, the journey towards our dream started. We had envisaged a cultural exchange center which would serve as a platform for fostering peace through the understanding and meaningful exchange of world cultures.

The Center has started functioning in a beautiful, modern ‘Nalukettu’ at Pathirippala, Palakkad.

Students from Sarang Alternative School stay at the Center for 2 days every week studying art forms. As of now we have professional artists guiding the students into Carnatic Music, Kathakali, Flute, Violin and Mridangam. In addition to these, residential students can study Veena, Classical dances (Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam), Mural Painting, Yoga, Languages (Hindi and Malayalam) and Cooking at the Center.

Rather than bringing many art forms under one roof we are networking with artists and institutions all over Kerala so that the students can learn traditional art forms in diverse contexts exposing themselves to local cultures.

For every art form to sustain and to flourish a knowledgeable audience is as necessary as performers. We are endeavouring to develop a platform where not only can aspiring artists delve deeper into art forms but where ordinary people can come to understand the enchantment of the arts.

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