You must have cracked your head thinking how to place an image exactly where you want the image to be on MS word. Let me show you a very simple technique to fix this.

[singlepic id=14 w=120 h=100 float=] Select picture to insert (Insert > Picture > From File. Just in case you don’t know it)  Click on the picture.

[singlepic id=17  w=120 h=100 float=] click on a text box while the image is selected.

    If you don’t see this ‘Dawing tool bar’ then look for this customisedown arrow on your menu bar. Click on it to go to the ‘customise settings’ customise2

Now click on the ‘text box’ [singlepic id=19 w=120 h=100 float=] That’s it!  Now you can drag around this image wherever you want!  The margins or tabs will not affect your image anymore!

Here is the final result! [singlepic id=21 w=120 h=100 float=left]


(Now you can remove the border by selecting ‘No Line’ from the Drawing toolbar)