Soil erosion is one of the greatest challenges of our era.  Agriculture is one of the major reasons for soil erosion. Sarang is situated in the hilly region called Attappady. The ploughing on the hill slopes takes down tons of top soil every year in this region. In Northern Attappady hectors of land had been become barren with such intense cultivation and soil erosion.

One of the reasons for Sarang to be on a hill top was to find a solution for this. Mulching is the simple solution that we found. We cultivate on the slopes. For crops like tapioca we even till the land. However, the mulch cover protects the loose soil from erosion. The mulch  enriches the soil every year thus increasing the water absorption capacity  of the soil.

Yes, we can cultivate on any slopes without soil erosion. Its simple affordable and 100% efficient.