Kalipathangal (Playing Lessons)

‘Kalipaadhangal’ is about children and the traditional games they play and which helped them develop mental and physical coordination.

This book is in Malayalam, published by DC Books, Kottayam. Available through their outlets or online.

‘Thaangavunna Vidyabhyaasam’ (Supportive and affordable education)

‘Thaangavunna Vidyabhyaasam’ tells their story as teachers, as parents and as social beings. Social problems and the reason behind them are analyzed through the eyes of responsible citizens while presenting a solution to these in the form of Sarang’s education system.

Published by DC Books the book is available through their outlets across the country. There a few online sites who sells this book.

Newsletter and Blog

The Sarang children bring out a newsletter named Sarang as part of their learning process and also to share their activities with friends. The newsletter is now in Malayalam but soon to be brought in English too.
Sarang blog is a new idea to share pictures, stories and news with friends all over the world. The blog will also provide a platform for creativity and interaction.  Click here to go to our blog.

Download the past issues of the newsletter here:

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