The Sarang family is frequently invited to give lectures, demonstrations, trainings and presentations. The subjects can be environmental conservation, watershed management for regeneration of water sources, organic farming, wasteland development, child development, alternative education – the Sarang way, democracy and so on.

Gautham and Anuradha travel and work together for presentations and such. As do Gopalakrishnan and Vijayalekshmi. An appropriate fee and travel expenses are essential to accept an invitation since the time they are away from Sarang is invaluable.

Contact us for further details.

You can also attend one of the forthcoming programs listed below, so as to get an idea about our presentations or trainings.
[spoiler show=”Show forthcoming events”] [catlist id=10&orderby=modified&order=DESC&date=yes] [/spoiler] The latest training that the whole Sarang family undertook was a ten day training workshop on Kalarippayattu for the young girls of ‘Mahila Samakhya Society’, Kerala Chapter, a Government undertaking for rehabilitating the girl children who have faced violence and violations at home. Kalarippayattu and associated games were taught and classes on sexuality & teenage were conducted. By the end of the workshop, there was visible change in many of the children. They returned with new-found self confidence and courage. Now Sarang family travels to Trivandrum once every month to continue the classes.