Survival Kit

We survive on funds created by resources ranging from the sales of gooseberry and lemon to digital designing skills.

From our farm: We get tubers, fruits, vegetables, millet and medicines.  Selling of gooseberry, lemon and milk  adds to our revenue.   Books gives us royalty and Performances and Presentations provides an income now and then. In 2009 we are making some money out of our web designing skills.  People who appreciate our work offer Donations too.

Our farm produces tubers, vegetables, grains and medicinal platns. This partially meets our basic needs. For money we sell  lemon, gooseberry and sometimes banana. Since they are 100% natural/organic we have our returning customers. We sell the excess milk to the local milk collection center.

Gautham and Anuradha had been working in other organisations for a while. That too  had provided a good income.